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The In Town Recreation Program of the MADISON YOUTH SOCCER BOOSTER CLUB commonly referred to as (MYSC) is under the control of the Board of Directors in accordance with the constitution and Bylaws of the organization. The Board of Directors has established these regulations in order to delegate authority to the individuals and groups described in the regulations.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors establishes the policies under which the In Town Recreation Program operates, oversees the general operation of the program and its compliance with the regulations, and takes such actions as it deems necessary under the constitution and bylaws of the club and general operating procedures established by the Board.

The In Town Recreation Coordinators

The In Town Recreation Coordinators shall be Board members designated as the primary administrators for the In Town Recreation Program. These individuals are responsible for overseeing the recruiting of coaches, team formation, the administrative process and the enforcement of the In Town Recreation Program regulations. There will be a Boys Coordinator and a Girls Coordinator.

The In Town Recreation Committee

This committee shall consist of the two In House Recreation Coordinators and the Registrar. If a conflict occurs then another Board member will substitute for that particular committee member. The committee is delegated by the Board of Directors to oversee the program and advise the Board of Directors of any problems or recommended changes to the program.


The divisions are as follows:

Boys Clinic (grade K/1) Girls Clinic (grade K/1) Boys Division 1 (grade 1/2) Girls Division 1 (grade 1/2) Boys Division 2 (grade 3/4) Girls Division 2 (grade 3/4) Boys Division 3 (grade 5/6) Girls Division 3 (grade 5/6) Boys Division 4 (grade 7,8,9) Girls Division 4 (grade 7,8,9)

Divisions can change due to the number of players that sign-up in a given year.

Division 1 shall play 5v5, with no goalkeeper

Division 2 shall play 6v6 (5 field players and a goalkeeper)

Division 3 shall play 8v8 (7 field players and a goalkeeper)

Division 4 shall play 11v11 (10 field players and a goalkeeper)


The formation of the teams will be done by the In House Recreation Coordinators. The players in each division will be divided fairly amongst the teams with help from the player evaluation forms. The In House Recreation Coordinator will try to honor special requests from parents regarding carpooling, etc.

All teams must adhere to the maximum number of players per team as voted by the Board of Directors:

Clinic - Ten (10) players Division 1 - Ten (10) players Division 2 - Twelve (12) players Division 3 - Sixteen (16) players Division 4 – Twenty-five (25) players

Only the Board of Directors can authorize any changes in the above maximum number of players, even in the case of a specific team.


Coaches will be recruited at registration and other means such as fliers, emails, phone calls, and newspaper articles. All coaches are volunteers. All coaches and assistants must register with CJSA. The coach is solely responsible for compliance with these regulations and all applicable MYSC and CJSA policies. The coach is completely responsible for his own behavior and the behavior of his assistants, players and family members at any team related event. The coach of each team is the volunteer responsible for the operation and conduct of the team. The coach may have assistant coach(es) to assist in fulfilling these responsibilities. There shall be a maximum of two assistant coaches per team. To avoid overloading certain teams with talent, a head coach may only request one specific assistant coach before teams are assigned; once the teams have been assigned, a head coach may recruit a second assistant coach from the existing team parents.

The coach is responsible to hold at least one practice a week while there is still light. Any practice problems are to be discussed with the In House Recreation Coordinator. The coach is responsible to give his/her team the practice and game schedule information.


Any child living in Madison from grade one to grade nine may play on an In Town Recreation team. (A player in grade nine may not play on a team and play for the high school soccer team.)

All players must play in their grade level.

Only players registered with the Madison Youth Soccer Club for the season are eligible to participate in the In Town Recreation Program.

A player may play on a travel team in Madison or a premier team and also play on a team in the In Town Recreation Program.

All players will be placed on a team by the In House Recreation Coordinator with the help from the coaches evaluation sheets recorded from the previous season.

All new players to the In Town Recreation Program will be given the average rating and

All players are to play a minimum of 50% of every game attended, except for those players injured or involved in approved disciplinary actions.

All players are to try to participate in all the practices.

Players who participate in other sports or activities, and miss practice as a result, shall not be penalized playing time.

Coaches may not require attendance at any practice or game during school vacations, holidays or religious obligations.


Madison Youth Soccer Club (MYSC) shall pay all CJSA registration fees for each player. MYSC shall provide each team with equipment and supplies such as balls, goalie shirts, rule books, as it deems appropriate.

The In Town Recreation Committee shall recommend a budget to the Board of Directors. From this budget the participation fee will be assessed directly to the families of each player. The Board shall have the power to establish the actual fee to be charged. Except in cases of financial hardship, each family shall pay this amount to the MYSC.

The family of any player may request financial assistance due to hardship. The family may request this through any Board member who is authorized to grant the request; that Board member is responsible for advising the treasurer and registrar.

No team may undertake fund raising activities and use the Madison Youth Soccer Club name, unless such activities are approved by the In House Recreation committee. If approved, participation in such activities must be on a voluntary basis.


The In Town Recreation Committee with the Equipment Coordinator shall decide on the uniform to be used by all teams. The uniform shall consist of a tee shirt with the Madison logo on it. All players are responsible for the purchase of their own shorts, soccer socks and shin guards, and cleats. All teams in a division will have different colors.


These regulations are available on the MYSC website for any parent, player or coach who wishes to have a copy.

The Board shall advise the In Town Recreation Committee of any changes to these regulations. It shall be the responsibility of the In Town Recreation Committee to insure that all program participants are made aware of the current regulationsand any changes to these