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Coaching Manual

This coaching manual has been created in an effort to provide Madison coaches with a resource for training sessions, a guide in establishing philosophies, direction in team management, and instituting directives that create a vertical flow within our club.
The information contained in this manual is based on the philosophy of player development.  To this end it is recommended that all training sessions be age appropriate, each player train with a ball, and that we use small sided games.  Furhtermore, it is important that we develop our players in the correct progression.  Youth players need to acquire the necessary technical tools (dribbling, passing/receiving, shooting, heading) before any advanced tactics are to be implemented.  Player development is paramount.  Winning and losing should never supersede the growth and evolution of our young players.  In addition to the technical development of our players, we should foster players who seek challenges, can quickly solve problems, are creative, can stay on task for the entire game, and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
I hope that this manual is helpful in your journey as a coach.  Madison needs coaches like you, who are positive both verbally and physically.  The game of soccer also needs people like you, who are willing to give up their time and pursue the education as coaches.
The manual is broken down into general information, age group training sessions, dribbling, passing, shooting, and goal keeper information.  Choose the section(s) appropriate to your team.
Good luck coaches…











Goal Keeping Pages 105-111.pdf

Principles and Stretching Pages 112-120.pdf

Fast Footwork - Injuries - Evaluation - Tryout - Glossary Pages 121-133.pdf