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These regulations should be read by all travel team coaches, players and their parents.


The Travel Program of the MADISON YOUTH SOCCER (BOOSTER) CLUB commonly referred to as (MYSC) is under the control of the Board of Directors (The Board) in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the organization. The Board of Directors has established these regulations in order to delegate authority to the individuals and groups described in these regulations.


The regulations cover all teams formed to compete in interclub play in the Connecticut Junior Soccer Associations (CJSA) sanctioned and operated interclub leagues and Cup play. These regulations do no apply to CJSA sanctioned teams such as State, League and Select Teams. When compliance with these regulations would violate any CJSA established procedure or regulation, the CJSA regulation shall prevail.


The Board of Directors establishes the policies under which the Travel Program operates, oversees the general operation of the program and its compliance with the regulations, and takes such actions as it deems necessary under the constitution and bylaws of the club and the general operating procedures established by the Board.


The travel Committee is delegated by the Board of Directors to advise the Board on Travel Program matters, to oversee the Travel Program and to maintain communications between the Board and the participants in the Travel Program.

The Travel Committee consists of five (5) members - The current President, the current Vice-President, the Travel Coordinator, the Travel Registrar, and the Treasurer.  The current Vice-President shall serve as chairperson of the Travel Committee. If a conflict of interest exists, or a Travel Committee member cannot attend a meeting of the Travel Committee, the current Secretary will substitute for that particular committee member. Other alternates must be MYSC Board Members.


The Travel Coordinator is the Board member designed as the primary administrator for the Travel Team Program. As such, this individual is responsible for overseeing the recruiting of coaches, the administrative process and such other matters as may be expected of an administrator, including the enforcement of the Travel Program Regulations.


The Coach of each team is the volunteer responsible for the formation, operations and conduct of the team. The Coach may nominate additional volunteers (maximum three) such as assistant coach(es) and manager(s) to assist in fulfilling these responsibilities. Each nominee must be approved by the Travel Committee, but such approval shall not be withheld except for just cause. Only the coach and/or an approved assistant who, for the current season, are registered with the CJSA and have a membership card/pass can represent the team.


The Board of Directors shall have the sole responsibility to authorize the formation of teams participating in the Travel Program. Each team shall be specifically authorized to participate in one CJSA Sanctioned League, although teams may engage in non-league play, such as State Cup Competitions and Tournaments.

Each season, one competition team per age group for both the girls and the boys, shall be authorized to participate by not less than these specified number of players.

U11 Thirteen (13) players
U12 Thirteen (13) players
U13 Sixteen (16) players
U14 Sixteen (16) players

It is the goal of MYSC to obtain the maximum number of players. Only the Travel Committee can authorize any changes in the above minimum number of players, even in the case of a specific team.

In those situations where there are adequately skilled players to form a second team within an age division, and where there is a qualified coach, the Board may elect to form a second team. For the purpose of these regulations, the first team formed is referred to as the initial team (team A), the second team is the supplemental team (team B). Except where specifically noted, these regulations apply to both teams.

All additional players shall be placed on Travel Rec. teams as long as qualified coaches and a sufficient number of players are willing to participate. Players will be limited by CJSA Rules as to Travel and Travel Rec., State Cup Competition, etc.



Coaches, including assistant coaches, are recruited and selected by the Travel Committee for a term length defined as two seasons - the fall and the following spring (CJSA YEAR). They will be appointed by the Travel Committee for the following length of time:

U11………………………………..one (1) term

U12………………………………..one (1) term

U13………………………………..one (1) term

U14………………………………..one (1) term

Coaches will automatically resign their position following the completion of the above terms. The Travel Committee will then consider all applications including the incumbent.

All activities relating to a given season are the responsibility of the coach designated to that season, regardless of when the activity occurs, including tryouts for the for the following season, unless the incumbent coach has not been re-appointed for the following season, and subject to other limitations set forth herein.

The Travel Coordinator will make a good faith effort to publicly solicit candidates for coaching positions, using the MYSC website and such other methods as may be deemed advisable.

Each candidate for a coaching position (including assistant coaches) must submit a written application using a standard form obtained from the Travel Coordinator. The incumbent coach must also update his/her application in order to be considered for reappointment. The Travel Committee shall make the final selection from among the candidates.

When only one qualified candidate applies for a position, the Travel Coordinator shall notify the other members of the Travel Committee of the name and, if necessary, the qualifications of the candidate. Unless at least one of the Travel Committee members raises an objection, the individual shall be selected as the coach without further actions. In the event of any objections, the Travel Committee shall meet to resolve the issue.

No coach may be removed during his/her appointed term except by the recommendation of the Travel Committee and a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the entire Board of Directors. The recommendation of the Travel Committee shall be in writing and shall plainly state the basis for the proposed removal.


The coach is solely responsible for compliance with these Travel Regulations and all applicable MYSC and CJSA/SCD regulations and policies; and all approved coaches must familiarize themselves with the same.

Coaches must arrange for at least one (1) family organizational meeting at the beginning of each season in order to give the parents and players an opportunity to discuss and plan the events pertaining to the team and its upcoming season, including tournaments. It is the responsibility of the coach to foster a strong team spirit throughout the entire season by involving not only the players but the parents in the program.

Coaches must attend MYSC's coaches' meeting. Coaches are responsible for scheduling games at the district-wide meeting each season, for practices and for all team related decisions and actions. Coaches are responsible for their own behavior and the behavior of their assistants, players and parents and family members at games, practices and any team-related event.

Coaches are responsible for recommending disciplinary actions against players to the Travel Committee and for enforcing Travel Committee approved actions and CJSA/REFEREE penalties. The coach is responsible for obtaining an "E" coaching license within one year of his/her appointment.

Coaches may establish reasonable requirements for attendance of team events, so long as such requirements are applied uniformly to all players and subject to the limitations set forth herein. Coaches shall not require players to attend tournaments, clinics or other activities that are not paid for by the Madison Youth Soccer Club, and they shall not penalize players, in any way, who elect to not participate in such tournaments, clinics or activities.

Coaches may not schedule any practices, scrimmages or activities (even if such practices, scrimmages or activities are characterized as "voluntary") during school vacations, including summer vacation (until one week before the fall season officially begins), or on a state or federal holiday. Coaches my not conduct practices in addition to those scheduled by MYSC (i.e. "extra" practices). The only players permitted to practice with a given team are those players listed on that team's approved roster.

Teams may participate in the Connecticut State Cup and one other tournament each season. Team that elect to not participate in the Connecticut State Cup may participate in two tournaments per season. (The Madison Invitational Soccer Tournament ("MIST") is excluded from this limitation, i.e. during the fall season, teams may participate in two tournaments in addition to the MIST, if they do not participate in the Connecticut Cup.) Coaches who register their teams for tournaments to be played early in the season should do so with the understanding that their teams will have little or no opportunity to practice before playing in such tournaments. Teams may attend one summer tournament, but, as indicated above, may not conduct any practices during the summer.

Coaches may schedule a maximum of 14 games per season, in addition to tournament games and Connecticut Cup games in which their teams participate. Coaches of U11 and U12 teams are strongly encouraged to schedule no more than 12 games per season, in addition to tournament games and Connecticut Cup games in which their teams participate.

Coaches may not require players to purchase or obtain special or additional equipment. Teams, moreover, may not participate in training beyond that which is expressly authorized by, scheduled by, and funded by MYSC.

No coach may solicit contributions from players' families for any purpose, other than fees for tournament play, without prior approval from the Travel Committee. In the event such solicitation is authorized, contributions are to be strictly voluntary and must be used for the benefit of all team players, not solely the players of parents who voluntarily make the contributions.



Except on teams age groups U15 and above, players are eligible to play on the youngest aged initial team for which they are qualified, based on their date of birth and limited to one year between August 1 and July 31, per CJSA regulations for age groups.

Additionally, players within the U11 and higher divisions may be eligible to tryout at their age level and their school grade level. In so doing, if the player is selected at the grade level team, they are obligated to play with that team.

When a Supplemental team has been authorized in a designated age group, only players who have attended open tryouts and who were not selected for the initial team are eligible for the supplemental team.

Only players registered with the Madison Youth Soccer Club for the applicable season are eligible to participate in the Travel Program. Only players who have attended a tryout are eligible to participate in the Travel Program during a particular season. (Players that have moved into Madison after the tryout dates are subject to the regulations regarding additional tryouts.)

If a player is considered a U14 player but attends high school and is playing fall soccer at the high school, the player is ineligible to play for MYSC Travel Comp teams. In the spring, that player may play for the MYSC U14 team or elect to play with the high school team formed by the Booster Club.

All other players selected for a travel team (U11 through U14) must commit to play for that travel team for a full soccer year (fall and spring seasons).

All questions relating to the interpretation of eligibility requirements will be decided by the Travel Committee.


The following general protocol guidelines will apply regarding the selection of players for travel teams.

The Travel Coordinator shall schedule two (2) open tryouts, toward the end of each soccer year, for each initial team authorized by the Board of Directors for the following soccer year (fall and spring). These tryouts shall be at least one (1) week apart and, where possible, not held on the same weekday. No player shall be selected for any team until following the second tryout. The Travel Coordinator shall make a good faith effort to publicize these tryouts through the MYSC website and other appropriate means.

Open tryouts for U12, U13, and U14 teams, shall be conducted by the Travel Coordinator and/or one or more members of the MYSC Board, and the team coach for the purpose of selecting those players most qualified for the team for the following soccer year (fall and spring). The tryouts may also include an independent evaluator (trainer) designated by the Travel Committee. The tryouts shall incorporate drills designed to test players' knowledge of the game and physical skills. Players shall be selected by the coach, subject to approval by the Travel Committee.

Coaches may schedule additional tryouts if there are players who were unable to make the open tryouts because they were out of town, were sick, or moved into Madison after the open tryouts, or because of other special circumstances. Any such additional tryout shall only be scheduled with the authorization of the Travel Coordinator.

Team coaches will select at least the designated minimum number of players (see Article IV – Teams) from those eligible within a reasonable period of time following the final open tryout and will submit a copy of therosters to the Travel Coordinator at that time. Players shall be selected basedon their skills, abilities, attitude and immediate potential as a soccer player consistent with forming a balanced and competitive team.  Consistent with CJSA regulations, coaches may, in their discretion, limit the number of premier players included on their roster to three.  Additional player(s) may be selected only from those players eligible for additional tryouts to replace rostered players who have resigned from the team. 

Subject to the limitation below, players who are denied a position on travel team may appeal to the Travel Committee in writing, but will be required to present compelling evidence that their denial was not consistent with the above. The Travel Committee will investigate and decide the issue.

For U11 travel teams, evaluations will be conducted by the Travel Coordinator and one or more members of the MYSC Board. The evaluations may also include an independent evaluator (trainer) designated by the Travel Committee.

Players shall be selected by the Travel Committee, based on their skills, abilities, attitude and immediate potential as a soccer player consistent with forming a balanced and competitive team. Toward this end, the Travel Committee will consider information from multiple sources, including information from all evaluators, as well as information from coaches and prospective coaches, in an effort to ensure that all players deserving of a position on U11 travel teams are selected.

No member of the MYSC Board, including the Travel Coordinator, may participate in an evaluation for a U11 travel team for which his or her child is trying out. The Travel Committee's decisions regarding U11 travel teams is final and is not subject to appeal.

The Travel Committee reserves the right to employ selection practices that augment or differ from the foregoing general protocol guidelines if it determines in good faith that special circumstances exist which justify doing so.


All U11 through U14 players, except for those players injured or involved in approved disciplinary sanctions, shall participate in a minimum of twenty-five (25) percent of each game attended, and shall, over the course of the season, play an average of forty (40) percent of the time for which they are eligible based upon games attended. Failure to comply with these playing-time requirements is considered a serious violation; and, therefore, coaches who fail to comply with these playing-time requirements are subject to immediate removal.

Furthermore, notwithstanding the foregoing minimum requirements, coaches are encouraged to bear in mind that player development is a principal objective of youth soccer, and, therefore, are encouraged to give all players substantially equal playing time in each game and over the course of the season. Failure to comply with this guiding principle will be considered when incumbent coaches apply for re-appointment.


Coaches will be given discretion with regard to disciplinary sanctions.  The Travel Committee, however, reserves the right to review all disciplinary sanctions; and coaches who impose unreasonable disciplinary sanctions are subject to removal.  (Playing time that is consistent with the minimums set forth herein is not a disciplinary sanction.) 

Coaches will make a good faith effort to accommodate players who participate in other sports, premier soccer programs, or regularly scheduled activities, particularly during the spring season.  Such players, however, will be expected to participate in their MYSC travel competition team’s league games and Connecticut Cup games.

Players who participate in other sports, premier soccer programs,or regularly scheduled activitiesshould understand, moreover, that absences from MYSC practices and/or games may affect their development within the team and, correspondingly, their playing time.  Multiple absences from team practices and/or games, is, therefore,ordinarily a criterion for disciplinary sanctions, including limitations on playing time below the minimum playing time requirements set forth herein, and removal from the team.   


No coach, assistant coach or other representative of a team may contact or encourage any potential player to try out for or participate in the Travel Program without the prior, express consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Prior to open tryouts, coaches may contact the parents or guardians of potential players to invite the player to attend tryouts or to determine whether or not the players are interested in participating in the Travel Program.


All funds collected on behalf of the team shall be used solely for the benefit of the team. Such funds may be used for tournaments.


Except for those fees specifically paid by MYSC, all fees incurred by the team are paid by the team. The team shall be responsible to arrange and pay for player transportation and lodging for all out of state competitions and for any player requesting scholarship assistance. MYSC is not responsible for player transportation or lodging.


Madison Youth Soccer Club (MYSC) shall pay all CJSA registration fees for travel players.

MYSC shall pay directly to CJSA all fees assessed on a club wide basis such as State Cup Competition registration fees.

MYSC may advance funds to its travel teams for any fees for which it is the responsible under these regulations. MYSC will pay for one tournament per season (fall, spring) at the amount set during the budget process. Any tournament fee that exceeds the set amount, will be paid by the players. All unused tournament fees will be placed in the general club fund.

MYSC may require teams to pay fines that are imposed upon MYSC by CJSA or South Central District. These fines include, but are not limited to, fines for forfeits or failure to submit game cards in District play that accrued during the previous season.

MYSC will provide each team with equipment and supplies such as balls, bags, flags and medical supplies as it deems appropriate. All such equipment remains the property of MYSC and must be returned when no longer required by the team.

The Travel Committee shall have the power to recommend to the Board of Directors a supplemental travel fee to be assessed directly to the families of each travel players. The Board shall have the power to establish the actual fee to be charged. Except in cases of financial hardship (see below), each family shall pay this amount to the club. Any player not paid, shall have his/her travel pass withheld until such fee is paid.

The family of any player may request consideration for financial hardship. Such requests will be subject to review by the Travel Committee. Either the MYSC Treasurer or Registrar must present such evidence of hardship to the Travel Committee. In many cases, the family may request consideration through any Board Member who is authorized to grant the request and is responsible for advising the Treasurer or Registrar. In all authorized cases, MYSC shall waive all registration fees and shall pay the appropriate supplemental Travel and Uniform fees.


The Travel Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors a single complete uniform to be used by all Travel teams. The uniform shall consist of socks, shorts, and jersey.

Under no circumstances can a team change any part of this uniform without the authorization of the Travel Committee. For teams age group U14 and below, all such uniforms shall be Madison Youth Soccer Club colors. No team shall have any other name, including players' names or company logo, on the uniform other than MYSC and the manufacturer of the uniform, unless specifically authorized by the MYSC Board of Directors.

Each team shall have up to two (2) seasons following the Travel Committee's adoption of a new uniform in which to make the change, but a complete change must be made at one time for that team. The Board of Directors may arrange for quantity purchases of uniform components. In those cases, each team shall purchase inventoried components from MYSC.

Uniform fees are not included in the travel registration fees.


All teams age U15 and up are run by the Daniel Hand High School Booster Clubs or other appropriate organizations. These teams are registered through MYSC and, therefore, all coaches and players must adhere to MYSC Travel Regulations.

Each spring, the DHHS Booster Clubs or organizational representatives shall inform the Travel Coordinator of the number of teams and coaches that will represent Madison Youth Soccer Club in the U15 and up divisions sanctioned by the South Central District. Coaches and team assignments are made by DHHS Booster Clubs or organizations.

It is the Booster Club's/organization's responsibility to notify parents of U15 players about registration and fees. MYSC shall include, in registration, State Cup fees and one tournament fee. For teams age groups U15 and up, the High School Booster Club/organization will be responsible for supplying uniforms. Only the Manager and/or Coach may authorize disbursements or pay monies from team funds.


All complaints and violations pertaining to the MYSC Travel Program will be brought to the attention of the Travel Coordinator and the Travel Committee. Each complaint and/or violation will be made in writing to ensure authenticity and accuracy of information. The Chairperson of the Travel Committee will bring each matter to the attention of the Travel Committee. The Travel Committee will examine the complaint or violation and will conduct a fair and accurate investigation into the matter.

It will be the responsibility of the Travel Committee to inform the complainant of the outcome of the investigation. It will also be the responsibility of the Travel Committee to summarize the matter to the Board of Directors, keeping all complaints anonymous.


Copies of these regulations shall be posted to the MYSC website to ensure that all program participants are made aware of the regulations and any changes to these regulations. The Travel Committee reserves the right to deviate from these regulations if, in the judgment of the Travel Committee, exceptional circumstances exist that justify doing so.